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We are based in Oxford and have over 20 years experience in practical bookkeeping. We aim to afford our clients both value and peace of mind via our vast applied knowledge with which we tackle even some of the most challenging issues. Our technical knowledge has enabled us to communicate efficiently with many clients' accountants with whom we have formed pro-active and successful relationships.

By our doing your bookkeeping, it may surprise you to learn that we might actually save you money!

Many small business owners try to do their bookkeeping themselves and then find that they haven't got round to it by the time their accounts or tax return become due. Their accountant often ends up having to bring the books and records into a sufficient state in order to prepare the accounts and will probably charge more than a qualified bookkeeper would have done in the first place. Many accountants also dislike doing bookkeeping and would much rather have a full and properly presented set of records from which they can produce your yearly accounts.

By having your bookkeeping done regularly, by an experienced and qualified provider, you may not only save yourself some money, but also a lot of anxiety. You will certainly save yourself time, which will allow you to concentrate on servicing more of your own customers and developing your own expertise. Moreover, the success of your business depends greatly on your being able to measure its performance periodically and if you are VAT registered, day-to-day bookkeeping is essential.

Being on top of how much cash your business has, what it is owed and what it owes is fundamental to its continued success. If we do all of your bookkeeping we can provide periodic reports listing your debtors (the people who owe your business money) and creditors (the people who your business owes money to) to help you manage your working capital and make the day-to-day decisions your business needs.

VAT can often be a little more complex than you think.

If your business is VAT registered it is essential that proper VAT accounting is undertaken to avoid becoming unstuck in the event of an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs. Such enquires can, at best be tiresome, and, at worst, be uncomfortable if your VAT records are not properly kept and organised. We have assisted many clients with VAT enquiries from HMRC and they are invariably grateful and relieved that their records stand up to scrutiny as a result of our diligent bookkeeping.

If yours is a new, growing business you need to be careful that you become VAT registered within the legal time limits if your turnover exceeds a certain threshold. We have assisted clients both with keeping an eye on their level of turnover and helped them register in good time when the moment has arrived. Again, regular bookkeeping is the only way to avoid falling foul of the rules and risking the penalties imposed.

At Marshes, we have been both prepared and familiar with online VAT filing procedures for some time, so can take care of this for you easily. One less thing for you, the business owner, to worry about!

Cash is King.

Many small businesses, even well established ones, are often so busy servicing customers that they struggle to find the time to chase those that owe money. Many people, understandably, don't enjoy the prospect of the task either, which is another reason why it gets 'left until last'. Often, it's only when the bank account is nearly empty with a large direct debit about to go out that business owners are forced to finally chase around to gather in the funds.

We use dedicated software that can automate the process of chasing your customers' outstanding accounts with polite and regular reminders, which can be customised to suit. Another onerous, yet necessary task you can leave to us, freeing you up with more time to concentrate on what you are good at.

Planning is imperative.

A good reputation amongst suppliers can be as important as your reputation with your customers. Planning your cash flow is key to being able to pay your suppliers, your staff (and yourself!) on time. Also, one thing proprietors often forget is to provide for VAT, PAYE and their own tax when it falls due.

Our knowledge and experience of so many of these aspects mean we can assist our clients with detailed planning so as to minmise surprise and avoid panic.