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Marshes hits 100% success rate for clients in self-assessment deadline

Jul 31, 2013     tags: bookkeeping

Marshes is proud to announce that it has achieved a 100% success rate this year in filing its clients self-assessment tax returns in time for the deadline. Partner, Phil Cockayne commented:

"The deadline was actually, effectively, extended to midnight on 2 February, but we still had all our clients returns filed online by close of business on 31 January. This was in additon to a number of corporation tax returns and company accounts which were also due and submitted on time."

"It is very satisfying to know we have made such an achievement for our clients; filing on time is even more important now, as automatic penalties apply even if the client does not owe any tax. I owe this success to our team, particularly, Danny Jones, for keeping in touch with our clients throughout the year and would like to extend my sincere thanks, also, to all our clients, for their timely co-operation in providing us with their records, enabling to achieve this success on their behalf."