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Watch out for VAT on aged creditors over six months.

A common oversight in accounting for VAT is to forget (or even to be unaware) that input tax claimed on purchases must be repaid to HMRC on any purchase invoice that remain unpaid for longer than 6 months from the

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QuickBooks 2010 VAT – A heads up for Bookkeepers and Accountants

Most QuickBooks users, will have, by now, been forced to go through the upgrade process from either 2006 or 2008 to QuickBooks 2010. The new version is actually greatly enhanced, particularly with regard to VAT accounting, but the upgrade itself

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Marshes hits 100% success rate for clients in self-assessment deadline

Marshes is proud to announce that it has achieved a 100% success rate this year in filing its clients self-assessment tax returns in time for the deadline. Partner, Phil Cockayne commented: "The deadline was actually, effectively, extended to midnight on

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